October 17, 2010 - We visited Orange Walk and Corozal Branches

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The most exciting thing that happened this week is that we got a new grandchild--Claire Kate!  She  is our 7th granddaughter and 13th grandchild.  Jon and Erika are the proud parents.  Claire Kate has 2 big sisters, Ella, 4 and Jane, 2.  We were happy to see her on Skype via Jon and Erika's webcam less than an hour after she was born.  What a great blessing! 

Yesterday, we took our first trip up to the northern part of the mission to visit the Orange Walk Branch and the Corozal Branch.  We left in the morning and came back today (Sunday) late afternoon.  We were very busy the entire time and met many members of the Church.  We were also able to visit with the seminary and institute leaders in both branches. 
Orange Walk Chapel with Sisters Benitiz (from Guatemala) and McDougal (from South Jordan, Utah).

We saw lots of sugar cane along the way. 

We stayed at a place called Tony's Inn.  It was located right on the Carribean and was landscaped beautifully.  The hotel has probably seen better days.  Our room was comfortable and came complete with a gecko in the bathtub. 

In the photo below you see the Carribean Sea in the background.

We are still getting used to the heat and humidity.  These days Sister Pattee's style of hair is "wash and wear".  Her perfume is "Essence of Deet".

In the photo above Elder Pattee is showing Brother Castenetas how to make and use a cardboard funnel to pour gasoline from a container into the gas tank of his car.  (The container didn't have a spout.)

We both spoke in the sacrament meeting in Corozal Branch this morning.  Sister Pattee was asked to say a few words in relief society, too. 

Here are some of the  Corozal Branch relief society sisters. 

The Corozal branch has its own chapel, as well, though it is small.  What a blessing that these branches can have their very own buildings.


Troy Pattee said...

Congratulations on the new granddaughter! Seeing these pictures every week is awesome, so I hope you can keep them coming. The inn on the Caribbean looked kind of nice, especially the landscaping.

Erika said...

It looks so beautiful down there. We're happy things are going so well for you. I'm sure the members down there are so grateful to have you. I agree with Troy, it's great seeing photos every week. OH, and Claire can't wait to meet you in person :)

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