Saturday, October 2

Saturday, October 2, 2010

We got to go inside the temple that is being constructed in San Salvador, El Salvador. It was an amazing experience. Every piece of granite on the exterior arrives cut out and numbered.  Then the workers just put it all together like a puzzle. Much of the woodwork detail inside the temple is done in the same way. This temple is scheduled to be dedicated sometime next spring. Besides us in this photo, are Elder and Sister Fenn, temple construction oversight missionaries, and Sister and President Lopez our mission president. 

This is President and Sister Sandberg. They have been wonderful trainers for us. They moved up to Cayo on Wednesday where they will help in 7 different branches. We help in 5 here. Only 2 of which are in Belize City.  President Sandberg and Sister Sandberg served as temple president and matron in the Guatemala Temple. He is now a counselor in the mission presidency here in Belize. 

This photo was taken outside our house this past Sunday.  We are looking forward to seeing general conference today.  It will be broadcast at the chapel here in Belize.  Since the times are the same we can actually see it live.  In Ukraine we had to wait a week and see it on DVD, as there was a 9 hour time difference.  Also, our building had no satellite setup. 


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