February 2, 2011 We Enjoyed Our American Guests From Guatemala

Friday, February 4, 2011

On Friday, January 28 We picked up Dic and Jennifer Johnson and Daryl and Maryann Bethae at the Belize City airport.  Dic and Daryl are the legal counsel for the Church, and live and work in Guatemala City.  They had work to do in Belize, so they brought their wives along.  Later in the day, we were joined by John and Jane Rasmussen.  Jane is Dic's sister from Arizona. 

Rasmussens, Elder Pattee, Bethaes, and Johnsons

Our regular missionary work got put on hold for a few days, while we provided transportation for our guests.  We enjoyed having adult Americans to converse with, as we don't get to do this as often as we'd like.  Johnsons had visited Belize previously, but this was the first visit for the Bethaes and the Rasmussens. 

Much of the next 4-5 days was spent traveling in the van, with Elder Pattee as our capable chauffeur.

Saturday we headed to the Cayo District.  (We live in the Belize District, and districts are kind of like counties in the USA.)  Everyone commented on how much more beautiful the landscape was there than Belize City.  There are rolling green hills, lots of flowers, and big mountains in the background. 

We met up with Elder and Sister Sandberg at their home in San Ignacio.  The Sandbergs showed us around their area starting with the Succotz chapel, which is nearly done being remodled.  The branch hopes to be into the building within a month.  The legal team needed to check it out.

Since Xuanantunich archeological site is just across the river, we decided to check it out, too. 

We ferried across the river once again in the mission van.

The major temple ruin can be seen behind us.  That is pink wisteria blooming in the background.

Notice the designs on the side near the top of this temple?

For lunch we stopped at the San Ignacio Inn.  It was one of our very best meals together (and there were many).  
Elder Pattee enjoyed shrimp ceveche at most every meal.  This one was his favorite.  Of course he added hot sauce to most everything.  Not only was the food good at the San Ignacio Hotel, but we had the dining room all to ourselves. 
The toucan called "Keel Bill" looked like this. 

And just outside our window, one of our waitresses pointed out a large iguana in a tree, and also 2 toucans in another tree.  We walked out onto the deck and took photos.
Another smaller one was called a "Toucanet".

Sunday we all enjoyed church at the Belize City Branch.  Our group seemed a bit surprised by the lively Sunday School class they attended.  (Lively in that the teacher, Brother Neal, got a good discussion going about "don't be as stubborn as a mule."  They commented that they were impressed by the depth of testimony and knowledge of the scriptures shown by many of the members.

Our Belize City Branch and Cinderella building just got a new coat of paint and also a new front fence.

All our visitors went home to Sunday dinner at our house, which we had prepared the evening before.

Sunday afternoon we had a special baptism of two young sisters--Lokeesha and Addriana.  Though we had not taught them, they wanted Elder Pattee to baptize them.  (He baptized their cousin, Adilee, last month.)  We were very happy to see their mother, Shawna in attendance.  Sister Pattee led the music and gave the "Holy Ghost" talk. 

L. to R.:  Elder Lorenzo, Addriana, Elder Pattee, Lokeesha, and Elder Choc

L. to R.: Lincoln (cousin) Addriana, Charles (brother), Shawna (Mother) Lokeesha, and Adilee

Monday the lawyer group was very busy with Church legal business.  Elder Pattee enjoyed going with them.
That evening 10 of us went to a local Chinese restaurant. 

There was lots of food served "family style".  We took the extra to the young elders. 

On Tuesday the legal team finished up their work.  We took them in the van to the airport in the afternoon and bid them a fond adieu. 

Belize City airport, which is about 20 minutes from where we live.

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