September 1, 2011 - San Pedro, Plus, a Fence of Many Colors

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Elders Avila and Perez brought Alfredo, an investigator, over to our home for the Restoration Lesson. They showed him the movie on our DVD player.  About half way through, our DVD player decided to quit. Even though our elders are very good with technology, they couldn't get it to work.

  As Elder Pattee said, "We were left hanging, and we are still waiting to see if the Church got restored."  Actually, we finished watching the movie on our laptop computer, which didn't have quite the same impact, but the Church did get restored.  Too bad we can't say the same thing for our DVD player. It hasn't worked since.

Elder Jackson finished his mission, and his parents, from Provo, came to get him. We picked them all up at the airport, so that they could do some visiting in Belize. Elder Jackson didn't attend Provo High. He went to that other high school.  In spite of that he was a very fine elder. 
There are pharmacies all over this city. This one is close by our church, so we usually go there. 

We needed to go out to San Pedro, once again.  San Pedro Branch really struggles to keep going.  Good thing there are tourists that drop in to prop up the attendance numbers each week. 

We met the Shirleys on the water taxi going over. She is from Norway, but she and her husband of 10 years now live in Logan, Utah.  Of course they were Mormons and attended the San Pedro Branch on Sunday.

Elders Baker and Campos were very happy to go to dinner with us Saturday evening.  We all enjoyed a delicious dinner of lobster and the Belizian favorite of rice and beans.

Elder Campos stopped on the beach to pet this strange animal caught by its owners in the bush of Belize.  They said it was a zquash.  I have no idea how it is really spelled. 

Later Saturday evening we visited with the primary president, Sister Celia. When we asked her how she was doing, she said her house had burned down and some of the primary materials were lost in the fire.  She and her 3 children barely escaped.  Everything was destroyed.  It was a rented house, and the Church has been trying to help out.  What a very sad tale. 

After spending the night at the Mayan Princess Hotel, we attended Church at the San Pedro Branch. Both Elder and Sister Pattee spoke in sacrament meeting. 

As Sunday School started, we realized the primary president, for some reason had not shown up.  President Orbena, the young branch president, was in the primary room trying to figure out what to do with the children. He seemed very relieved to have Sister Pattee rescue him. There were only 8 children, so one person really could manage.

Here are 3 of the cute primary girls.  The boys didn't stay in one place long enough to get a picture. 

Also, we found out that the branch's only CD player got stolen.  Someone broke a very small window in the building right where the CD player was setting. It was the only thing they could reach in and grab. With all these difficulties, little wonder the primary president might be feeling a a bit overwhelmed.  (There is no one that can play the keyboard.)

 Grandma Williams came in at the end of primary, and Sister Angela helped  for a little while. That afternoon we took the water taxi back to Belize City, and the zone leaders picked us up and took us to our home. 

 Our landlords have been doing some rennovating.  They are going to build a new home sometime in the next couple of years, so they started out with a fence around the building site.  (Most all building sites have fences around them here to keep supplies, etc. from walking away.)  They decided to redo the existing fence, too. 

 The new home with be built at the far end (right hand of photo). Our landlady, Sheila, calls it the rainbow wall, but we call it the fence of many colors.

   Here is the "before" photo with Elder Pattee standing on our front porch.

 And here is an "after" photo. 
 Elder Pattee taught the sisters about the priesthood this past Tuesday evening. Several sisters thanked him for his teaching.
Young Brother Gladdens was baptized (by Elder Holbrook) and confirmed this week. He is the youngest member of his family and was the only one not yet baptized.  We hope his family will keep coming to church. We have a major problem with people getting baptized and then soon becoming less active.  In some ways it seems like they see baptism as an event, not necessarily a life-long committment.

We helped a young apply man for the Perpetual Education Fund this week. We are also helping another young man, but are having difficulty with his application. There are always follow-up items to do in regards to this program. We presently are working with about 20 PEF participants. 

The Seminary and Insitute materials finally arrived a few days ago. They were ordered in January, but just barely got here in time to start new classes. Elder Pattee picked up the 28 boxes at the port authority. 

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