December 17, 2010 Justin and Joslyn's Wedding Day. Claire's Baby Blessing.

Monday, December 27, 2010

We had a wonderful few days in Mesa, Arizona.  We were glad our mission president received permission for us to leave our mission field  to attend Justin and Joslyn's wedding. 
The morning of the wedding our family was invited to a delicious breakfast at the home of the bride, but Justin showed up in the wrong tux.  Luckily, Joslyn has a good sense of humor.  A couple of hours later the happy couple was married in the Mesa Temple.

Mr and Mrs Justin Pattee

The ceremony was beautiful.  All of our sons and their wives were in attendance.  What a special time to be in the temple together! 

Our family, except for Ryan and Emily's children, are shown here.  We missed you Jacob, Caleb, Rachel, and Anna. 

The weather outside was sunny, so we enjoyed taking photos on the beautiful temple grounds.  Lots of green grass, leafy green trees. (Some with of them loaded with lemon, oranges, and grapefruit.)

Lovely bride, handsome groom.

Happy couple

Happy parents

Wade and Monica Whiting with their family

Cutting the cake at the reception
This time Justin is wearing the correct tux.  

At the reception, I very much enjoyed visiting with two very special cousins that live in the Phoenix area.
Suzann (left) and Shirlene (right) were my childhood friends.
We will add 2 more photos about  reception guests to this blog hopefully tomorrow.  We also hope to add a photo of all those in attendance at the temple, (lots) when one becomes available. 

We appreciate the bride's family, especially Joslyn and her parents, Wade and Monica Whiting, for making all the wedding arrangements.   As missionaries serving in Belize, we were not much help. 
     *     *     *     *     *

In the afternoon our family met at the home of the bride's parents once again.  We gathered for the baby blessing of our youngest grandchild, Claire (2 months old).  Jon and Erika are the proud parents.  Both of Claire's grandfathers and all 5 or our sons participated, with Jon giving the blessing. (Clair's Grandma Paula was also in attendance).  Thank you Whitings for letting us use your lovely home.

Left to right:  David, Dennis Maroney, Elder Pattee, Jon holding Claire, Justin, Troy, and Ryan.

Can you tell that Claire's big sisters, Jane, 2, and Ella, 4, are very proud of her?

Sister Pattee enjoyed holding her newest grandchild.

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justin and i loved this post. we were verrryyy impressed with your blogging skills ! we miss you already and loved having you here:)

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