Last Days of December 2010

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Presently we are unable to edit our blog.  Hope this is temporary.  There were a few photos we had wanted to add to our last blog about Justin and Joslyn's wedding reception.  Since this is not possible, we will add them to today's blog.
Another photo of Sister Pattee with her Arizona cousins, Suzanne (L) and Shirlene (R).

We also very much enjoyed seeing at the wedding reception
Wayne and Becky Wilson, a favorite Arizona nephew and niece.

And we enjoyed catching up on "old times" with Don and Saundra Swallow, Idaho transplants to Arizona.  Don and Elder Pattee both worked many years for Procter and Gamble.

We returned to Belize still basking in the afterglow of the great experience of seeing all our children and their spouses together in the Mesa Temple for Justin and Joslyn's wedding.  Also of seeing many of our grandchildren and getting to meet Joslyn's wonderful family.   

But we had to hit the ground running, as we had many Christmas activities and much missionary work to do.  We began by having both the Woods and the Forbes families join us for a Christmas home evening, but I forgot to take photos. 

But the next day I remembered to capture some memories when the young elders and sisters came to our home to play the "White Elephant" game and relax a bit from their hard work. 

This old favorite was an unfamiliar (and learning experience) for our Latino missionaries.  It is always a privilege to associate with these fine young people.  We concluded by watching the short video "The Nativity".   

The next day we hosted a young women's activity, which included games and some of their favorite foods--nachos and hamburgers.

The 4 elders from Belize City ate Christmas dinner with us, as did Adalee and her brother, Latrell. 

Elder Lorenzo (L) and Elder Choc (R) taught Adalee, and she asked Elder Pattee to baptize her the day after Christmas.  Adalee has a special spirit, and we hope the gospel will help her meet many of her difficult challenges. 

Though the trees and grass are green and the temperatures warm, we ended up having a "White Christmas" after all.   

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