February 28, 2011 A trip to Orange Walk and Young Single Adult Activity in Belize City

Monday, February 28, 2011

Among other things Elder Pattee functions as the missionary clerk.  There is young man  in our district--Moses-- that has received a mission call to Canada.  A quick trip to Orange Walk was needed, so we drove up and back the same day.  Moses is also the interim seminary teacher, so we dropped in on his class as well.  Only 2 students attended that evening.  Usually 5 or 6 attend. 

Seminary at Orange Walk

The young single adults had an activity this past weekend in Belize City.  A dinner and dance on Friday evening was attended by about 45 young people, which  included 8 non-members.  We helped serve dinner at the dance.  There were about equal amounts of males and females.  Several young adults worked hard to make it all come together. 

Two of the beautiful girls that attended the dance

Youth at the distribution center

On Sunday a special sacrament meeting was held for the single young adults at the distribution center.  About 35 young people attended.  Sister Pattee spoke about homes, and Elder Pattee spoke about choices.  Sister Sandberg talked about temples (specifically temple marriage--"Heavenly Father wants to be at your wedding".), and Elder Sandberg spoke about Especially For Youth.  We will need help from many single young adults to have a succesful EFY in December. 

Several of the young people commented on what a fun weekend it had been for them, and that the sacrament meeting had been inspiring.

The single adults would like to get together more often, but the long distances make it difficult.

After the meeting sack lunches were given out.  These were prepared by Belize City young adults.  
Elder Pattee and I drove those that came from Orange Walk to the bus station in the van.  President Alvara, at right, (President of Succotz Branch) took most of those that came from Cayo District home with him.  Sandbergs took others. 

We also had a relief society activity this week.  About 12 sisters gathered to celebrate February birthdays. 

We each shared a favorite scripture.  We had a very lively discussion about how both the Old and New Testaments indicate Christ is the creator of the world.  Genesis 1:26 "...Let us make man in our image..." and John 1:10 "He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not."

The sisters enjoyed sharing life experiences that related to the scriptures we discussed.  We also talked about how important it is to attend church so that we can strengthen one another.  Sister Gordon brought a married daughter that is not a member. 

We also attended a baptism in the Cinderella Branch and a baptism for two  in the Belize City Branch  this past weekend.

Brother Rene, standing in the center, was baptized on Saturday in Cinderella Branch.

Eleven year old Stephan, and his Uncle Berrus were baptized on Sunday in Belize City Branch.

The Church is growing here in Belize, but it is a real challenge for people to remain active.  Both the culture and traditions of the people play a huge role in how they live their lives.  

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