March 7, 2011 President Falabella Trains Belize Missionaries

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On Monday evening we and Sandbergs were picked up in the mission van by President and Sister Lopez.  They had with them President and Sister Falabella from Guatemala City.  President Falabella is in the first quorum of the seventy and is also a counselor to President Clarke, Central America area president. We all went out to dinner at Old Belize. 

President and Sister Falabella are in the middle.  You can see boats in the background, as Old Belize is by the sea. 
We also looked at a couple of old cars and other Belizian artifacts at found at Old Belize.  Dinner was delicious.   We enjoyed visiting and talking about mission business.  The only downside was the sandflies.  We all went away with a few bites.   I guess the sandflies had a delicious dinner, too. 

Tuesday morning all of us were at the church by 7 am for the training meeting.  We had to start early, as our guests had to catch a noon flight for San Salvador.  President Falabella did most of the training.  He encouraged the missionaries to use their agency by being obedient to mission rules.  "We gain freedom by being obedient.  Satan gains power over us when we are not obedient and we lose freedom.  Satan is still working his same plan.  He wants to have power over us". 

All of the Belize missionaries with the Falabellas and the Lopezes

After the meeting Elder Pattee and I drove our guests to the airport.  President Falabella told us to ask him whatever questions we wished.  Elder Pattee had some good ones.  He asked him why our districts in Belize were having 4 district conferences a year, as this was a financial drain on the branches trying to pay for the travel expenses incurred.  After discussing the issue Elder Falabella said, "Well, I guess you just got yourself 2 district conferences a year instead of 4."   

We drove back to the church and had lunch with all our missionaries--Chinese takeout.  Then we took this group to the bus station.  We have some of the finest missionaries in the world here.  It is privilege to serve with them.    
Elder Pattee and I ran into a critter that looked just like this (a turantula) scrurrying down his hole while were out taking a walk the other day.  Now I know what those holes are, I think I will stay away from them. 

We are back  to swimming again.  We hope to do this 2 or 3 times a week.  The Biltmore Hotel gave us a free pass for the rest of 2011 because we have many "associates"  that stay there.

We also accomplished much with PEF this week.  Getting loan approval for two young people, Kesheifa and Christian.  We visited Kesheifa's home to get her signature and enjoyed visiting with her family.  President Gordon gave us mangos from his tree when we left.  We visited Christian at his business for his signature and were also able to solve a problem for another loan participant, Norma Young, from Orange Walk. 

While the 4 elders that work here in Belize City were out for the day, their house was broken into and several items stolen.  They came home to find the door kicked in.  The landlord got the door fixed and has ordered a metal overdoor for protection.  

 Missionaries' home.  In Belize City all windows and doors have to have added security.

Thursday evening we visited Roshane Forbes at her home.  We finally got to meet her husband.  They have 3 young children.  Roshane promised she would come to church on Sunday.  (When I can finally find out what I did with her photo, I'll post it here.)

Friday evening Elders Choc and Lunt brought two brothers to our house to see the DVD "The Restoration".
Eli, 20, said the video made him feel like crying, and Iter, 11, asked, "Where can I get a copy of The Book of Mormon?"
Good thing the elders just happened to have a copy.

Sunday morning Roshane came to church and stayed for all 3 meetings.  During fast and testimony meeting she even went up to the pulpit and bore a sweet testimony.  At the end she encouraged everyone to visit a less-active and bring them to church.  "Soon everyone will be here,"  she said.


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