April 18, 2011 - Is Our Belize Mission A Bed of Roses (or Tropical Flowers)?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More beautiful bouganvilla

This is called a Flambouyant tree.  It is aptly named with its flaming orange blossoms. We see lots of them in bloom just now.  

There are many beautiful trees and flowers here, but lest you think our mission is all a bed of roses, we had a very rocky start to our week.  The mission van stopped just before the elders got to the airport to pick up President and Sister Lopez for multi-zone conference.  But, after checking the van out, the Toyota dealership tells us there is nothing wrong with it.  We travel over much of the country in that van, so it's a good thing we are due for a new one most any time now. 

We also had problems with our laptop computer--its battery died, and the internet went down, again.

Then, for no explainable reason, the side piece to Sister Pattee's eyeglasses broke off.  Her frames are made out of titanium, but can't be fixed.  We were glad to find there was a place called Belize Eye Center.  She was able to get an eye exam and order new glasses.  They were supposed to be ready the very next day, but that didn't happen.  Hopefully by next week.   

In spite of our problems, we had a very nice multi-zone conference.  

While President and Sister Lopez were here, we enjoyed dining with them and Elder and Sister Sandberg at the Stone Grill in Belize City.  Our food was brought to us on hot stones.  It continued cooking at our table and was very delicious.  There was also live music (but not too loud), and the sea breeze was refreshing.     

Sister Pattee is baking brownies for multi-zone conference.

Our missionaries from both Belize zones.

Notice the little guy on the front row.  He slipped in with us from off the street as we were arriving at the chapel.  He wanted to stay, but Elder Contrares finally talked him into going to school, which is where he was supposed to be.  He sure liked being with all the missionaries.  He is not a member, but someday maybe he will be.  He might even grow up to be a missionary!

Special musical number

Multi-zone conferences are always spiritually uplifting.  They are also a good time for visiting with all the missionaries.  We are greatful for our excellent mission leaders that inspire us and the young missionaries we work with.

Forever Family
There was an organized temple trip for members of the Belize City District this past week to The Guatemala City Temple.  The Rivas family, above, was sealed.  The oldest child, Elder John Rivas, is currently serving a mission in Guatemala and was able to join them, too.   

 Knowing families like this can be eternal, helps us realize that being  missionaries is wonderful, in spite of challenges we sometimes face.   

We continue to work with PEF (perpetual education fund),  S&I (seminary and institute), SYC (special youth conferences) , and whatever else needs doing.  We also spent time training branch leaders this week. 

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