April 25, 2011 - It's Easter Time

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Along with the rest of the world, we celebrated Easter this week.  In Belize everything closes down from Thursday afternoon through the following Monday.  Schools and universities close for two weeks.  

We enjoy this picture hanging on our living room wall, "Lost No More", by Greg Olsen.
"He lives again our glorious King, where, oh death, is now thy sting?" 

"Where thy victory, O grave?"
We loved seeing this Flamboya Tree in the midst of the cemetery.  What a beautiful Easter Symbol!

Easter Dresses

Easter Flowers

Easter dinner with some of the missionaries
They enjoyed watching the video of the San Antonio missionaries singing the National Anthem at the Spur's Game.

We made another trip to San Pedro for the Branch, as they got a new branch president.

New San Pedro Branch President, Samuel Urbina
Elder Jackson and Elder Camacho will be acting as his counselors.

Sister Maria DeLeon is the wonderful Relief Society President of San Pedro Branch.

More San Pedro Branch members 


Lots of cute kids, here! 

We saw this critter in a flower box in the middle of San Pedro Town.

We think it is an iguana.

New eye glasses! (Sister Pattee standing by the sales clerk)

Sister Pattee couldn't get her broken glasses fixed, but was able to get new ones. 

Not all the things that broke down last week are fixed, yet.  We are still waiting on the mission van, and our computer works most of the time (but not always the internet).  We are happy for the things we have that do work!

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