May 17, 2011- Belmopan Chapel is Dedicated by President Pattee

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yesterday Elder Pattee had the unique experience of dedicating the Belmopan Chapel located in the City of Belmopan, which is an hour's drive west of here.  He did a fine job, and felt he had been inspired as he wrote the dedication prayer.  He was given this assignment by our area president, Elder Don Clarke.  

Chapel at Belmopan.  I couldn't get everyone in one shot, so I took two.  88 people were in attendance.  I will add a photo of the outside of the building as soon as I can get one.  It is a very attractive building.

The interesting thing about this chapel is that it was built 6 years ago.  It has been in use since then, but somehow it never got dedicated.  No one seemed to realize this until about a month ago, when a member mentioned that the building had never been dedicated.  Records were checked, and sure enough, he was right.   
Relief Society in Belmopan, including tablecloth and flowers

Another EFY planning meeting (We are calling it Special Youth Conference.)

These young women participated in New Beginnings last week in Belize City Branch.  Cinderella also had New Beginnings that day.  We are only a few months late.  All the young women received a tourch pendant.  Since high humidity causes gold chains to turn black, we used "value color" ribbons.  Much less expensive, too.
I caught these little gate climbers in action, when we went to the church for a practice for "Talent Night". 

Sometimes even a trip to take out the trash can be interesting.  We often see this iguana, as he lives by our front gate.

The Vernon family came to home evening this past week.  The mother, Kim, joined the church 3 years ago.  She brings the children and comes to meetings.  But so far, her husband, Sherlock, is not interested.  At least he came to home evening.

Guava season is here.

This is what the guava looks like inside.

The fan palm tree is one of 10 varieties of palm trees in Belize.  Here a man is trimming one with his machete.  It seems like machetes are used to trim most everything.

We have been busy this week lining up appointments for Perpetual Education Fund participants.  Many of them need to renew their school loans for fall.  We also have a few that are in the process of applying for the first time. 

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