May 24, 2011 - Belize City Branch Has Talent!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

We had a fun talent night activity in Belize City Branch Friday evening (the branch in which we reside).  Most everyone seemed to arrive on "Belize Standard Time", which is much later than "Mormon Standard Time".  Evenutally about 75 people showed up.  The evening was sponsered and put together by the relief society.  There were 16 or 17 talent presentations.  Here are photos of most of them:


Chelsea and Kimlee


Our crowd especially enjoyed the boxing skit by the young elders and Brother Segura. (3 photos)

Elder Palmer is about 6' 8".

Brother Segura is about 5' 2".

A skit was also performed by Elder and Sister Pattee--a spoof on how to make a favorite recipe.

The audience especially liked the surprise ending. 

We had lots of talented singers:





Keira and Lokeesha

Some of the young women


Single young men accompanied by Brother Munoz and Nikita

Mother and son--Julie and Ellsworth


This week we also attended another EFY planning meeting.  Officially the conference will now be called SOY.  In Spanish this means "I am", which is the way many Spanish speakers here will probably interpret it.  But it is really meant to stand for "The Strength of Youth".  

We have  been working with many PEF participants.  Several of them are reapplying for their second year. 

On Sunday afternoon we visited the Segura family.  They have 8 children, a few of which are married.  Some of the family names are:  Nephi, Ammon, Mosiah, Lamana, and Moroni.  The little baby in the photo is the newest grandchild.   With names like these you can probably guess which church they belong to. 

Our area of Belize seems to be in a drought.  Everything is so dry, and it is hot!  The air has been quite smokey because of  brush fires.  Fortunately, rainy season is due to begin soon.  We are looking forward to it!

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