June 15, 2011 - Fishers of Men

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

 Our grandson, Trevor is pretty proud of this huge rainbow trout he caught this week.   

He is turning out to be quite the fisherman.  Maybe one day he will use his talents to also become "a fisher of men".
We are grateful for the excellent missionaries ("fishers of men") that we work with each day. 

It was a busy week for transfers--the most we've ever had.  These 11 missionaries all got transfered to El Salvador.  It was happy-sad week.

 Thirteen missionaries got transfered here to Belize from El Salvador.  Lots of "goodbyes" to departing companions, and lots of "hellos" to new companions--

And lots of luggage--  

And more luggage!

Not to mention the luggage inside the van with the departing missionaries.

Transfer Day

Our new sisters love their new apartment.

Sister Clark and Sister Rodas just arrived and are the first sister missionaries assigned to Belize City in many years.  Here they are standing in the doorway of the apartment we've been working on for the past couple of weeks. 
The night before they were to come, the apartment had no water, even though the water company had promised service several days before.  It turned out that the water had been turned on, but the waterpipe had been damaged when the landlady had a load of dirt delivered recently.  It wasn't until 9 pm that 5 repairmen showed up, discovered the problem, cut out the damaged pipe, and fixed it.    

*     *     *     *     *
We also had a combination relief society activity with both the Belize City Branch and the Cinderella Branch.  These two branches meet in the same building.

Sisters Lozano and Belgrave are Relief Society Presidents of Cinderella and Belize City Branches, respectively.

Though many sisters spoke only Spanish or only English, we managed to communicate.

And had lots of fun playing games.  (Can anyone pick up a key with a noodle, string, and bent paperclip?)

And visiting.

Is it time to go home, yet? 
A typical Belize City street scene shot from the van window

This week Sister Pattee gave the lesson in relief society on "Courage to Live the Gospel" in the Belize City Branch.  We also attended that branch's correlation meeting.  During the week Elder Pattee did quite a bit of leadership training.  We also did PEF and gathered info for the end-of-the-month seminary and institute reports.

We will add some photos from a young women's activity held at our home in our next blog. 

This week Sister Pattee gave a talk in Belize City Branch sacrament meeting on studying and pondering the scriptures. 

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