June 20, 2011 - New Presidency for Orange Walk Branch

Monday, June 20, 2011

Our missionary work here in Belize has many facets.  Every week is varied. 

Some of the young women from Beize City Branch and two of their leaders came to our house for an activity last week.  They learned how to make French bread pizzas.  

This also helped them with their Personal Progress requirements.

Adalee had to leave just before we took this photo.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

Elder Pattee took a few moments at missionary zone meeting to teach the missionaries some ways they might improve baptism services.  Sister Pattee helped them learn a "missionary verse" to sing to "Because I Have Been Given Much" for multi-zone conference next week. 

We always try to do some visiting each week.  Brother Belgrave is a faithful member.  We took him some coconut cake.

We also visited Brother and Sister Munoz.  They are stalwarts in the community and district.

They showed us a soursop tree in their yard with fruit almost ready to eat.  The fruit looks spiney, but the little spikes are soft to the touch.  We are told that inside the spikey exterior is a very delicious fruit.  Kind of like people--sometimes when we need to get beyond the prickles to find the gentle heart.  

They also had a noni tree loaded with little noni fruits just developing.

And a double hybiscus for Sister Pattee
For our latest SOY meeting, Sister Canek came in from Guatemala City especially to help us.  She was one of the leaders during that country's SOY last year.  She was a young missionary here in Belize a couple of years ago and is full of enthusiasm.   

We met Rachel, a young woman from Provo (but now living elsewhere), at the airport.  We enjoyed visiting with her.  She had come to do volunteer work with a group building a new children's home.  Somehow her ride to Belmopan didn't show up, so we drove her there. 

We got to see the construction site of the King's Children's Home.   Work has been progressing very quickly.  But it has been very rainy lately, as it is now the rainy season.  Hopefully, they were able to get some work done. 

On Sunday we traveled to Orange Walk which is a 1 1/2 drive from Belize city.  Last week President Pattee drove up there and called a new branch president.  This week he, sustained them in sacrament meeting and also spoke.  Later, he and our district president, President Chi, set them apart.  President Nuevello (center) has not been a member very long.  His counselors are Brother Stamp and Garcia. 

The newly released branch president, Brother Gomez, and his little family seem very happy--even relieved at the change.  Right now Orange Walk is really struggling.  A few strong shoulders are carrying all the burdens.

This family does far more that its share to keep the branch going.  Sister Swift (second from left) has 9 children.  She is shown with 3 of them.  

Brother Leiva was the first missionary called from Belize.  He served in Honduras.   

Brother and Sister Leiva are his parents, and they were the first members of the Church in Orange Walk.

Sister Pattee taught these three Orange Walk young women on Sunday about how choices have consequences. 

We are spending quite a bit of time working with PEF participants getting renewal applications for  the upcoming school year done.  We are also working with a couple of new applicants. 

Another thing we do is leadership training.  Elder Pattee often does this, and this week Sister Pattee helped with some relief society training.   

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