July 25, 2011- Strength of Youth Training

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It may be only July, but training for Belize's first ever Strength of Youth conference is in full swing. SOY is called EFY (Especially for Youth) in the United States. It is a conference tthat has been highly successful in  helping youth find the strength to stand up to the negative influences that are in our world today. 

Recently four SOY-seasoned young people came in from Guatemala to teach our organizing committee and some of the future counselors about how to have a successful SOY. Their names were Berly, Erik, Elizabeth, and Kerben.  They all have previously been involved in SOY in Guatemala, so they know what they are talking about. Our meetings went Saturday through Sunday. 

We spent Saturday in Belmopan (1 hour west of Belize City) learning about some of the activities the youth will be involved in. 

As you can see, this was a-hands-on training.

Elizabeth gave us tips.

They demonstrated many of them for us.

Berly (right) demonstrates line dancing

 and how to play a lively game of tag.

Presenting a creative and entertaining dance routine

Human knot activity

Getting ready for "Poison Tag"

It was a successful and interesting training.

Belize City Chapel got some new framed art for the walls this week. 

Some things we assume all LDS chapels have and take them too much for granted. 

We made a recent trip to the Corozal Branch (2 hours north of Belize City), where we did an apartment check for Corozal missionaries, Elders Campos and Winters.  Great looking apartment, Elders!

 The next day in sacrament meeting, we both spoke.  Elder Pattee also did lots of temple recommend interviews.
Only a small percentage of ancient Indian ruins have been uncovered in Belize.  We noticed this hill-like mound on the way to Corozal.  It is likely a ruin of some kind, but as yet, remains undisturbed.

On the way home, we saw this large herd of water buffalo.

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