August 2, 2011 - A Summer School for the Children in Cinderella and Belize City Branches

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last month Sister Woods from Belize City Branch asked Sister Pattee if it would be possible to have a summer school in July, as they had a very good one last summer. It had been their very first one, and it was headed up by Elder and Sister Dunford who were then the senior missionaries here in Belize. 
The main challenge was money.  There really was no money for a summer school.  So we felt very blessed to get funding--some from the Dunfords--and some from the district.  Elder and Sister Pattee also contributed, including providing much of the transportation needs. We completed our school activity this past week, and it was a very good experience.  Children from both Cinderella and Belize City Branches attended.   
 As part of our gathering activity each morning, Sister Smith sang with the children, then Sister Pattee would tell a story that would explain about a topic such as being kind, liking yourself, pioneers, etc. She was also in charge of making sure we had materials for lessons and crafts, and that we had water and snacks.   

 One morning the sister missionaries, Sister Rodas and Sister Clark, came and helped us with music, too.  We are very happy that our building now has a digital keyboard. 
Sister Cadle gave a demonstration about volcanoes. In this unit the children were also taught about hurricane safety.  They learned what the different warning flags meant and made their own little flags. Since it is presently hurricane season in Belize, the timing was perfect. Children here in Belize City need to know about how to stay safe in the event of  a hurricane. 

A teacher by profession, Sister Cadle headed up the learning activities. Sister Woods, Sister Sanchez, and Sister Chi are all studying to be teachers (PEF loan participants). They all had the opportunity to also teach,  as we divided the children into 3 age groups. 
Some of the Young Women helped, too.

One day Brother Myvette, who takes care of the chapel grounds, brought a hogshead to work with him.  Sister Jenny made sure all the children got to have a turn for a close-up look. Apparently hog's head is delicious when cooked in a pit in the ground.
For Pioneer Day Sister Lozano, from Cinderella branch, taught us how to make model handcarts out of bristle board. We also sang some pioneer songs. 

Demonstrating a pioneer toy--a "button whizzer" (Sister Lozano in background)

Lots of beautiful children!

 Sarah and Jacob, HELP International volunteers, came to our school the last 2 days.  They did the entire teaching for us.  The children loved it. The first day they taught about "Under the Sea". Sarah and Jacob are brother and sister from Centerville, Utah.

They even had a  a fish pond (game). Then each child made an aquarium out of 2 paper plates. 

The second day we learned about "Wild and Tame Animals". The children enjoyed making little African drums and lion masks.   

A game of Parrot and JaguarTag was fun, too.

And for the last activity on the last day, the children enjoyed getting wet. It started with a game that used a cup of water. It ended with a water hose and everyone getting sprayed.

 Our summer school turned out to be a lot of fun.  Hopefully, we all learned something, too.  Thanks to everyone that was involved in making our summer school a success!

Since our two HELP International volunteers were here the night the Belize City Relief Society met for an activity, they helped the sisters learn how to sing  hymns in parts. It was July 26, so one of the hymns we sang was "Come, Come Ye Saints. 

Then Sister Pattee told the sisters about her great-grandmother, Mary Larsen Ahlstrom, who was a Mormon pioneer.  The meeting ended with Sarah and Jacob singing "Abide with Me; 'Tis Eventide". Sister Clark, at the piano, joined in singing a third part. What a beautiful way to end our evening. 

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