October 21, 2011 - This Month Seems to Be Rushing By

Friday, October 21, 2011

  Transfer day is always a busy one. It is sad to see the missionaries go, but always nice to meet the new ones. 

 Three new elders just transfered in from El Salvador--Elders Arana, Finlinsen, and Dussett.

 Sister Clark is our mission nurse. Missionaries often get ingrown toenails here. (In the tropics nails grow espcially fast.)  Good thing for Elder Munoz she was able to perform a successful surgery right after the transfer meeting. Sister Rodas was a willing nurse's aide, and Elder Garcia provided a comforting drink. 

The missionaries always have to lock up their bikes inside the church, or they might be stolen.

We visited with Adilee (at right) and her mother Francine. Mother looks almost as young as daughter. Elder Pattee baptized Adilee and two of her cousins back in December.

We also visited with Rose this week. She is looking forward to soon moving into a house that will be more user friendly for her.  She has rhuemetoid arthritis.  She is a faithful Church member of many years.

We went to Orange Walk on Saturday and Sunday (1 1/2 hours north of Belize City). Elder Mendehall and Elder Fernandis are the fine elders that serve there. After doing an apartment check, we took them to dinner Saturday evening...

And since it was Elder Fernandis's birthday, we stopped for ice cream after.

While in Orange Walk, the elders took us to Samantha's house. We had a wonderful visit with her and little daughter, Evalee. Her fiance was working, but they are all being taught about the Gospel.  Evan was able to attend church with them the next morning. 

Elder Pattee spoke in sacrament meeting and did some temple recommend interviews. Later we did some training with our seminary and institute teachers. 

Orange Walk Branch President Novelo has a lovely family.

The zone leaders brought Bennie to our home for a missionary discussion one evening.

 They had already taught him all the discussions, so they talked about service and the welfare program of the Church. We explained to him how important it is to be willing to serve in the Church. Bennie has been attending church for the past month or so.  He was baptized a few days later, while we were in Orange Walk. We think he will be a wonderful addition to our Belize City Branch. 
Recently our landlady got us a new refrigerator, so we thought some new refrigerator-art was in order. We received some from our grandchildren. Thank you Ella, Jane, and Scott.

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