November 1, 2011 - A Fizzled Hurricane and Mini Soy at Camalote

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

People here were really worried about Hurricane Rina, because at one point she was headed straight for Belize City. But to our relief she went north and slowly fizzled. Missionaries had been evacuated from San Pedro Caye and from Corozal. 

Our first ever Belize Strength of Youth Conference (patterned after Especially for Youth) is coming up next month. On October 29 we had a practice run, called Mini SOY. We invited about 40 Young Adults to be our participants at Camalote.

Check-In time

The area around Camalote is quite beautiful. You can see both orange trees and banana trees behind Sister Pattee. 
Getting started.  Including counselors, advisors, and teachers, about 65 people were in attendance.

First the participants were divided into male groups and

 and female groups with a counselor over each group.

Then the groups were put into larger ones called companies. The companies had both males and females.  Most of the activities were done in companies. An entire week's agenda was condensed into just one day. 

The grounds at Camelote were spacious, but a bit wet in places.

Of course, the young adults enjoyed learning to line dance.

And the games were fun,  too.

Mini Soy also made time for scripture study.

Lunchtime was a favorite for everyone. A few of the advisors brought their children along for the day.

Lunch break also allowed time for a quick game of volleyball....

and visiting. Tashira and Jamaan enjoy hanging out.

Shari was one of our teachers. She taught about being well-groomed and dressing modestly.

Thirsty, anyone? Jaime demostrates a creative way to get a drink.

Everyone seemed to have a good time.  We felt our Mini Soy was a good success.  Now we feel more confident about doing the real thing for an entire week in December with the young men and young women.

We had assignments with Tuesday night Relief Society.  The sisters learned a new rendition of the hymn, "Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth".   

Maybe we will sing it in sacrament meeting sometime, if the branch president gives the okay. We appreciate the sister missionaries helping us with it.

Sister Pattee was a proctor for a Campionship Study exam this past week (OPIc) for a young elder from Cost Rica. Spanish-speaking missionaries are encouraged to learn English while they serve their missions. Unfortunately, there were internet problems, and the test had to be rescheduled for next week. 

We made two trips this week to Belmopan to get paperwork done in order to get new work permits. Hours of paperwork is required to get a permit, and it is only good for one year. Ours just expired, but we do have a 1 month extension.   We are keeping very busy with PEF and S&I.  

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