November 8, 2011 - The Elders Move and District Conference

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We started out the week with a lesson with an investigator in our home. Efrain is a tourist guide here in Belize City. He seems very receptive to the gospel and has been attending church.

The elders have been long overdue to move into a nicer, larger apartment. With 4 of them living together, they needed more room. Sometimes elders from out of town need to stay overnight, so an extra bathroom and bedroom will come in handy. Elder Pattee and others assisted in the move.

The new apartment has a nice modern kitchen and a large living room, ...

...and plenty of space for each elder to study. Some pictures Christ on the wall would be nice.

We had Belize City district conference this past weekend. President and Sister Cordon flew in from El Salvador on Friday. They always give us good counsel and training.

We had dinner with them at our house that evening. 

Saturday there were lots of meetings. We brought in lunch from Senior Coconut's for the district presidency and their wives. 

A few of their children came as well. The adults had the traditional Belizean rice and beans, but the children opted for hamburgers.

During the sisters' training session on Saturday, Sister Pattee taught about visiting teaching beginning with a skit called "Little Red Hen is Called to Be the Barnyard Relief Society President". Our special visitors were Sisters Little, Duck, Cow, Pig, Goat, Sheep, Dog, Cat, and Farmer Brown. When Sister Little (Red Hen) asked the sisters if they would help with visiting teaching, each one answered, "Not I".  But when Farmer Brown explained they would miss out on all the blessings, just like they did when Sister Little Red Hen made delicious wheat bread, they decided to give it a try. 
Sister Pattee was supposed to hold up cue cards, but everyone knew their parts well, even though we had never practiced. This was quite amazing, since the sisters were from 5 different branches.

 Sister Smith and her children made the animal cutouts for the "Little Red Hen" skit. 

Elder Pattee did priesthood training on "How to Do Interviews".

This photo was taken as soon as the Sunday session was over. It was good to see the chapel filled all the way to the back.

Pretty Girls

Handsome Boy


New Member Marvin

Are missionaries always hungry?

We enjoy seeing all the tropical plants that thrive here. They don't  grow outside in Utah. And they don't get this huge.

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