January 11-2012 - Christmas and Starting the New Year

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year from Belize!

Now that the Strength of Youth Conference is over, lots of cots (and tents) had to be washed and put away. 

Belize City Branch had a Christmas party with a rice and beans dinner--every one's favorite. It is too hot to grow apples here. So when each person received one, it was a real treat.

After dinner we had a program, including some thoughts by Elder Pattee. Then karaoke was enjoyed by all.

Christmas lighting is only minimally done in Belize. We were surprised to see our hotel in Corozal all ablaze with Christmas lights. It was just like in the U.S.A.

We enjoyed a surprise holiday visit from the Choc family, who were visiting Belize from Guatemala. Their son, Gustaf Choc, (back row) was a zone leader here a few months ago, before his release. It was fun to see him again. He was one of our hardest working missionaries. 

These youth came to our house to watch a movie over the holidays.  The Church in Belize rests firmly on the shoulders of the upcoming generation. 

The Elders brought Desari and her young daughter to our home for a missionary lesson about Christ and Christmas.

The Vernon Family on Christmas Day

All dressed up for Christmas

Elders Robanalis and Sutton dressed up a bit, too. 

The Tillett Family from Corozal were baptized during the holidays. They are all about family and know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints puts emphasis on family.  

We made one of our last visits to Corozal. This little branch is located almost on the Mexican border and is right on the Caribbean Sea. 

Six of our finest missionaries are leaving for home. "Well done thou faithful servants".  How quickly the time goes. It is sad to think that we, ourselves, have less than 9 weeks left on our mission. There is much to be do before our time is over. 

The same day as many of our missionaries left for home, we received new missionaries, too.  These missionaries are new to Belize, but not to our mission.  They have been serving in El Salvador.  We hope there will always be missionaries to replace those of us that leave.

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