January 20, 2012 - A Family Visit and Missionary Work

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time is really flying by here on our mission in Belize. Sister Pattee looked at the calendar the other day and was surprised to find there are only 8 weeks left! It's hard to believe.  

Our oldest son, Troy, his wife, Jyl, and their two children, Chase and Connor, came for a visit. (Adilee and her cousin Sylvia are also standing with them.) We had a lot of fun. 
Elder and Sister Pattee enjoyed getting to hug their grandsons.

They arrived on Chase's 11th birthday.  Happy Birthday Chase!

We all loved visiting Xunantunich.

They were surprised at how tall and huge "El Castillo" is. 

They were also surprised at how noisey the howler monkeys are. Those monkeys can really roar!  Troy, Jyl, Chase, and Connor enjoyed looking down into the trees at them (and taking photos) from the top of the temple.

The boys especially enjoyed climbing on the many ruins...

And Swinging on the trees.

A week or so ago, we enjoyed a Belizian dinner with Herb and Melanie at their new home on the beach.  Melanie is a great cook!  They own a drinking water store in Belize City.  Most of the population buys drinking water here, including us. That's how we met them. 

The sisters were invited, too. We all loved the beach and the huge, beautiful full moon that appeared to rise up out of the sea. (Unfortunately my photo of the moon didn't turn out.)

This little family came to home evening at our house with the elders.

Another night this family joined us for home evening, also.

We took Sister Cherrington, the primary president, shopping for some new nursery items. We found a good buy on stuffed animals. They were being sold out of the back of a pickup truck. 

We've also been trying to get our Perpetual Education accounts updated. We want to get some inconsistancies cleared up between our financial records and Guatemala's. 

Elder Pattee taught the Gospel Doctrine class, and Sister Pattee taught Relief Society. We both did leadership training, and we also spoke in sacrament meetings in different branches. Many days we went to meetings or ran errands with the elders and sisters. 

To end this post, I'm borrowing one of Jyl's beautiful photos taken on their San Pedro, Belize visit.Thanks, Jyl! Have a great week!


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